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Group in Most Issues: United Federation of Planets
Highest Rated Listing: Balance of Terror
Lowest Rated Listing: Have Beagle, Will Travel: The Legend of Porthos

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billstar2 Says:
Home: Reminds me of the episode right after the Best of Both Worlds TNG where Picard goes back to the vineyards. It doesn't gloss over the trauma they've been through and is a must slower and emotional ride.
raistlin903 Says:
Projections: this episode is really great.... it takes a concept that TNG actually started with the Moriarty episodes and opens the door to make this a recurring debate about what really constitutes life, when dealing with technology.... TNG had Data, and Voyager has the Doctor....
billstar2 Says:
Storm Front, Part II: Decent end to this and possibly the end of this crappy storyline they keep trying to rehash.
iamralph Says:
Preconceptions: This one was okay but then it tanked at the end. There was no reason for the obviously early pon farr. The story would have played out better without that.
iamralph Says:
A Girl for Every Star: A bit too corny I felt. Additionally the bit about Sarak was completely unnecessary and hurts the story strength.
Alex Daily Says:
Star Trek (1989) Annual #4: It's not a bad comic in isolation, but it puts Spock through character development that, really, I've already read elsewhere, admittedly in later-produced comics that are set earlier.

Solid alien concept. Pike's moustache is horrific. Three stars.
tstarnes Says:
Star Trek (1989) Annual #4: Pike's mustache/the way they drew Pike in this is really really distracting.
glyph65 Says:
Where Sea Meets Sky: I would have given this 3 stars if it wasn't for the odd partial story tacked on at the end.
tstarnes Says:
Early Voyages #17: This ending on a cliffhanger and never being finished is super annoying.
billstar2 Says:
Damage: Desperate times call for desperate measures but do the ends justify the means? Unsure if I could've made this choice. Decent episode.
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