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Site Updates for May 7th, 2018

  • Demands of Honor to add Baxter (NCC-1701 Enterprise Crewman), Alan (Anti-Federation League), Michael Fuller, Robert Fox, Christine Alvarez, Barry Giotto, Gash, Arleen (Anti-Federation League), Leslie Parrish, Cyndy (Anti-Federation League), Gorath, Adon, Duras (24th Century), David Parmet, Adam Jawer, Sean DePaul, Patrick West, Kenneth Wescott, Koloth, son of Lasshar, John Kyle and Herbert Solow and update Montgomery Scott, Leonard McCoy and James T. Kirk.
  • Seeds of Rage to add Patrick West, Kenneth Wescott, Herbert Solow, Michael Fuller, Adam Jawer, Leslie Parrish, David Parmet, Alison (Enterprise NX-01 Crewman), Koloth, son of Lasshar, William Jefferies, Robert Fox, John Farrell and Sam Andrews and update Montgomery Scott, Leonard McCoy and James T. Kirk.
  • Vulcan[appost]s Forge to add Spock, Amanda Grayson, Leonard McCoy and Sarek and add United Federation of Planets and Romulan Empire.
  • Shakedown to add John Harriman and add Romulan Empire and United Federation of Planets.
  • Constitution to add Kang, son of K'naiah and update issue blurb.
  • Guardians to add Borg, Romulan Empire and Q Continuum.
  • Star Trek (1989) #76 to update issue blurb.
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