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  Order: #136  

Drastic Measures

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Drastic Measures
In-Universe Date: 2246
Publish Date: February 6, 2018
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN: 1501171747
Pages: 304
Writer (s): Dayton Ward
Users Read: 5 Users Rated: 4
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Rise of the Federation: Patterns of Interference
Bum Radish: Five Spins on a Turquoise Reindeer
Drastic Measures
Star Trek: Crew #1
Star Trek: Crew #2
Rise of the Federation:...
Bum Radish: Five Spins...
Star Trek: Crew #1
Star Trek: Crew #2
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On Tarsus IV the food stores have been ravaged by a plague. With weeks until help arrives, the newly elected governor takes drastic measures for the survival of the colony.
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca First Appearance
  This is Gabriel Lorca's only appearance.
  Commander Philippa Georgiou First Appearance
  Philippa Georgiou next appears in Fear Itself.
Supporting Characters
  Aasal Soltani First Appearance
  This is Aasal Soltani's only appearance.
  Adrian Kodos First Appearance
  Adrian Kodos next appears in The Conscience of the King.
  Alexander Simmons First Appearance
  This is Alexander Simmons's only appearance.
  Captain Aurobindo Korrapati First Appearance
  This is Aurobindo Korrapati's only appearance.
  Gisela Ribiero
  Gisela Ribiero next appears in Open Secrets.
  Ian Galloway First Appearance
  This is Ian Galloway's only appearance.
  Ensign Terri Bridges First Appearance
  This is Terri Bridges's only appearance.
Other Characters
  Amelia Cardoso First Appearance
  This is Amelia Cardoso's only appearance.
  Balayna Ferasini First Appearance
  This is Balayna Ferasini's only appearance.
  Benjamin Islip First Appearance
  This is Benjamin Islip's only appearance.
  Brian Denham First Appearance
  This is Brian Denham's only appearance.
  Charlynn Schmidt First Appearance
  This is Charlynn Schmidt's only appearance.
  Christian Apodaca First Appearance
  This is Christian Apodaca's only appearance.
  Donovan Eames First Appearance
  This is Donovan Eames's only appearance.
  Ensign Dralax First Appearance
  This is Dralax's only appearance.
  Eliana Moulton First Appearance
  This is Eliana Moulton's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Enamori Jenn First Appearance
  This is Enamori Jenn's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Haley Carroll First Appearance
  This is Haley Carroll's only appearance.
  Hisayo Fujimura First Appearance
  This is Hisayo Fujimura's only appearance.
  Jacob Clancy First Appearance
  This is Jacob Clancy's only appearance.
  James T. Kirk
  James T. Kirk next appears in Academy: Collision Course.
  Lieutenant Jason Giler First Appearance
  This is Jason Giler's only appearance.
  Joel Pakaski First Appearance
  This is Joel Pakaski's only appearance.
  Kerry Abela First Appearance
  This is Kerry Abela's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Melissa Parham First Appearance
  This is Melissa Parham's only appearance.
  Commander Natalie Larson First Appearance
  This is Natalie Larson's only appearance.
  Odaka Kuzeko First Appearance
  This is Odaka Kuzeko's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Reece O’Bannon First Appearance
  This is Reece O’Bannon's only appearance.
  Ensign Richard Doherty First Appearance
  This is Richard Doherty's only appearance.
  Captain Robert April
  Robert April next appears in Though Hell Should Bar the Way.
  Lieutenant Saru
  Saru next appears in Fear Itself.
  Lieutenant Commander Sergey Varazdinski First Appearance
  This is Sergey Varazdinski's only appearance.
  Shannon Moulton First Appearance
  This is Shannon Moulton's only appearance.
  Thomas Leighton First Appearance
  Thomas Leighton next appears in The Conscience of the King.
  Vanessa Chandra First Appearance
  This is Vanessa Chandra's only appearance.
  Winona Kirk
  Winona Kirk next appears in Star Trek (1989) #74.
USS Enterprise
USS Enterprise next appears in Star Trek: Crew #1.
USS Nabone
This is USS Nabone's only appearance.
USS Shenzhou
USS Shenzhou next appears in The Vulcan Hello.
Group Appearances
United Federation of Planets
United Federation of Planets last appeared in Rise of the Federation: Patterns of Interference. United Federation of Planets next appears in Star Trek: Crew #1.
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Issue Review
There is no review of this issue.
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  tstarnes Says:    
  2018-02-14 10:28:15  
  While this book wasn't bad, it also wasn't particularly good. Overall it's just kinda bland and not particularly interesting.  

  ViktorG Says:    
  2018-02-18 09:23:11  
  I'm 70% through, and it's hard to keep up the interest to read.
I liked the first third of the book, but since then it feels more like a chore to finish it.

  glyph65 Says:    
  2018-02-26 19:09:04  
  The book was good, but I think the plot was hampered for me by knowing about the later events in Conscience of the King. I liked the April and Kirk cameos.  

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