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  Order: #214  


Star Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars Rating
In-Universe Date: 2265
Publish Date: December 1, 1998
Publisher: Pocket books
ISBN: 0671019198
Pages: 288
Writer (s): Michael Jan Friedman
Users Read: 4 Users Rated: 4
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Star Trek (1989) #64
Star Trek (1989) #64
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Kirk is recalls his first times commanding a Constitution class starship, and what he learned from it.
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Captain James T. Kirk
  James T. Kirk last appeared in Star Trek (1989) #64. James T. Kirk next appears in Harbinger.
Supporting Characters
  Commander Akira Hirota First Appearance   
  This is Akira Hirota's only appearance.
  Captain Augenthaler First Appearance   
  This is Augenthaler's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Borrik First Appearance   
  This is Borrik's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Christina Velasquez First Appearance   
  This is Christina Velasquez's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Darick Lynch First Appearance   
  This is Darick Lynch's only appearance.
  Captain Francis Damion First Appearance
  This is Francis Damion's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Gary Mitchell   
  Gary Mitchell last appeared in Star Trek (1989) #64. Gary Mitchell next appears in Enterprise.
  Lieutenant Jack Gaynor First Appearance   
  This is Jack Gaynor's only appearance.
  Leonard McCoy
  Leonard McCoy last appeared in Star Trek (1989) #64. Leonard McCoy next appears in Enterprise.
  Mark Piper
  Mark Piper last appeared in Republic. Mark Piper next appears in Harbinger.
  Lieutenant Polcovich First Appearance   
  This is Polcovich's only appearance.
  Admiral Saylor First Appearance
  This is Saylor's only appearance.
  Vodis Vodanis First Appearance   
  This is Vodis Vodanis's only appearance.
Other Characters
  Ensign Andrew Stiles First Appearance
  Andrew Stiles next appears in Enterprise.
  Lieutenant Anita Jankowski First Appearance   
  This is Anita Jankowski's only appearance.
  Anyoqq First Appearance   
  This is Anyoqq's only appearance.
  Crewman Banks First Appearance   
  This is Banks's only appearance.
  Yeoman Barbara Smith
  Yeoman Barbara Smith last appeared in Republic. Yeoman Barbara Smith next appears in Enterprise.
  Ensign Beltre First Appearance
  Beltre next appears in Enterprise.
  Admiral Blosser First Appearance   
  This is Blosser's only appearance.
  Crewman Chafin First Appearance   
  This is Chafin's only appearance.
  Christine Chapel
  Christine Chapel last appeared in Enterprise: The First Adventure. Christine Chapel next appears in The Landing Party.
  Lieutenant jg. Clifford Brent First Appearance
  Clifford Brent next appears in Enterprise.
  Lieutenant Daniel Alden
  Daniel Alden last appeared in Republic. Daniel Alden next appears in Enterprise.
  Lieutenant David Bailey
  David Bailey next appears in Enterprise.
  Lieutenant Dezago
  Dezago last appeared in Republic. Dezago next appears in Enterprise.
  Lieutenant Edward Rayburn First Appearance
  Edward Rayburn next appears in Enterprise.
  Admiral Ellen Mangione   
  Ellen Mangione last appeared in Republic. Ellen Mangione next appears in Enterprise.
  Crewman Ethan Mathews First Appearance
  Ethan Mathews next appears in What are Little Girls Made Of?.
  Yeoman Ferris First Appearance   
  This is Yeoman Ferris's only appearance.
  Ensign Green First Appearance
  Green next appears in The Man Trap.
  Harris Eggleton First Appearance
  This is Harris Eggleton's only appearance.
  Crewman Herzog First Appearance   
  This is Herzog's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
  Hikaru Sulu last appeared in Republic. Hikaru Sulu next appears in Harbinger.
  Captain Ibrach First Appearance   
  This is Ibrach's only appearance.
  Lieutenant jg. Joe Tormolen First Appearance
  Joe Tormolen next appears in The Naked Time.
  Lieutenant John Farrell First Appearance
  John Farrell next appears in Mudd[appost]s Women.
  Ensign John Kyle
  John Kyle last appeared in Enterprise: The First Adventure. John Kyle next appears in Enterprise.
  Kang, son of K'naiah
  Kang, son of K'naiah next appears in Enterprise.
  Ensign Lidell First Appearance   
  This is Lidell's only appearance.
  Crewman Livingstone First Appearance   
  This is Livingstone's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Masefield First Appearance   
  This is Masefield's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Medina First Appearance
  This is Medina's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott
  Montgomery Scott last appeared in Republic. Montgomery Scott next appears in Harbinger.
  Crewman Park First Appearance   
  This is Park's only appearance.
  Crewman Rawitzer First Appearance   
  This is Rawitzer's only appearance.
  Crewman Reboulet First Appearance   
  This is Reboulet's only appearance.
  Reggis First Appearance   
  This is Reggis's only appearance.
  Crewman Scott Darnell First Appearance
  Scott Darnell next appears in Enterprise.
  Commander Spock
  Spock last appeared in Star Trek (1989) #64. Spock next appears in Harbinger.
  Lieutenant Tammy O'Shea First Appearance
  This is Tammy O'Shea's only appearance.
  Crewman Tomberlin First Appearance   
  This is Tomberlin's only appearance.
  Ensign Wooten First Appearance   
  This is Wooten's only appearance.
  Crewman Zuleta First Appearance   
  This is Zuleta's only appearance.
USS Constitution
USS Constitution last appeared in Star Trek: Crew #1. USS Constitution next appears in Killing Blow.
USS Enterprise
USS Enterprise last appeared in Star Trek (1989) #64. USS Enterprise next appears in Enterprise.
Starbase 16
Starbase 16 next appears in Spock Must Die!.
Starbase 33
Starbase 33 next appears in The Next Generation (1988) #2.
IKS Stormwind
This is IKS Stormwind's only appearance.
Group Appearances
Klingon Empire
Klingon Empire last appeared in Distant Early Warnings. Klingon Empire next appears in Enterprise.
United Federation of Planets
United Federation of Planets last appeared in Star Trek (1989) #64. United Federation of Planets next appears in Enterprise.
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Issue Notes
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Issue Review
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Issue Synopsis
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