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  Order: #13  

By the Book

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By the Book
In-Universe Date: 2151
Publish Date: January 1, 2002
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN: 0743448715
Pages: 252
Writer (s): Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Users Read: 22 Users Rated: 15
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Strange New World
By the Book
Terra Nova
The Andorian Incident
Strange New World
Terra Nova
The Andorian Incident...
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Enterprise encounters a new race, and Archer is determined to have first contact be better than when the Vulcans arrived at Earth. Meanwhile, some of the crew spend their downtime playing a game.
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker
  Charles 'Trip' Tucker last appeared in Unexpected. Charles 'Trip' Tucker next appears in Terra Nova.
  Ensign Hoshi Sato
  Hoshi Sato last appeared in Unexpected. Hoshi Sato next appears in Terra Nova.
  Captain Jonathan Archer
  Jonathan Archer last appeared in Unexpected. Jonathan Archer next appears in Terra Nova.
  Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
  Malcolm Reed last appeared in Unexpected. Malcolm Reed next appears in Terra Nova.
  Phlox last appeared in Unexpected. Phlox next appears in Terra Nova.
  Ensign Travis Mayweather
  Travis Mayweather last appeared in Unexpected. Travis Mayweather next appears in Terra Nova.
  Sub-Commander T'Pol
  T'Pol last appeared in Unexpected. T'Pol next appears in Terra Nova.
Supporting Characters
  Crewman Elizabeth Cutler
  Elizabeth Cutler last appeared in Strange New World. Elizabeth Cutler next appears in Dear Doctor.
  Crewman Ethan Novakovich
  Ethan Novakovich last appeared in Strange New World. Ethan Novakovich next appears in Insanity.
  Crewman James Anderson
  James Anderson next appears in Probe.
Other Characters
  Crewman Daniels First Appearance
  Daniels next appears in Cold Front.
  Councilman Dra First Appearance
  This is Councilman Dra's only appearance.
USS Enterprise
USS Enterprise last appeared in Unexpected. USS Enterprise next appears in Terra Nova.
Group Appearances
Fazi High Council
This is Fazi High Council's only appearance.
United Earth Starfleet
United Earth Starfleet last appeared in Unexpected. United Earth Starfleet next appears in Terra Nova.
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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Issue Review
   March 3, 2017
By the Book is the first paperback spinning out of Star Trek: Enterprise, if you donít count Broken Bow, which was simple a novelization of the 2 part show opener. Which I donít. I have to say I was surprised by this book. It is far from the best Star Trek title I have read, but it does have one on the most unique angles I have seen so far.

The book is split into two parts; the first part is a first contact with an alien species that goes sideways. The second, and seemingly... (continued)
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Issue Synopsis
There is not synopsis for this title.

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  waden34 Says:    
  2017-03-01 18:24:39  
  This was a pretty decent book. It certainly had the feel of an episode of Enterprise.
It was a very quick read.
The only thing I don't really understand is why so much of the book was dedicated to a group of people playing an RPG. Seemed like the book must have been too short so they threw that in.

  billstar2 Says:    
  2018-04-12 23:36:36  
  This is the first full length book I've read for an order. It was really okay. Personally felt the RPG subplot was more interesting than the main story for the most part. Was nice seeing what crewman do in their down time. Kind of hints at Holodecks( recreation) and the Prime Directive (first contact). Main story was decent but took awhile to get me interested in it. It finally came around.  

  LarryE Says:    
  2018-05-26 15:03:06  
  Good book. The juxtaposition of the relation of the 2 alien races and the human-Vulcan relationship was good. The book reflected the characterization of the crew early in the season quite well. T'Pol is still not quite part of the team and Hoshi is still irritating.  

  DELTA Says:    
  2018-06-29 04:44:20  
  Well. Can't say it was a bad book. It was pretty decent but I have some problem with it.
The main story about First Contact was interesting but Archer is written as an idiot so that T'pol and the rest of the crew can look smarter than they should be. He is unrealistically stupid here. He is not the brightest man in the show either but come on !
The end of that story is quite appealing and it redeemed Archer's behavior a bit.
The second story about the RPG was a pain to read. Not that it was a bad story, I liked it as it was. But the fact that it never rejoins the main story in any important way have me question its lenght. It is way to long and way to detailed for something that is not connecting with the main story for more than a few lines.
So while It was not terrible, it's still not a good read. It was quick and it felt like it could have been an episode so it delivered what I was expecting.
2/5. Not connecting the two plotline more than it did and making Archer annoyingly stupid is a problem that cannot be overlook.

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