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Alex Daily Says:
Alien Spotlight: Tribbles: Love a Tribble.
tstarnes Says:
Harbinger: Just not very good. Kirk is written in the most superficial way and everyone's incredibly one dimensional.
Alex Daily Says:
Star Trek (1967) #7: I think this is a good example of what I've been calling "good comics, bad Star Trek" -- it's a fun schlocky pulp adventure, but voodoo, or the handwave-y space equivalent of it, just doesn't work at all inside Star Trek's rules. Five stars.
Alex Daily Says:
Star Trek (1989) Annual #4: It's not a bad comic in isolation, but it puts Spock through character development that, really, I've already read elsewhere, admittedly in later-produced comics that are set earlier.

Solid alien concept. Pike's moustache is horrific. Three stars.
ViktorG Says:
The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing: The book tells us that Trip is really good at managing and surviving as a spy but just want to go home. But every time he appears, he either gets rescued or agrees to stay on longer as a spy.
I don't see any connection between how Trip is described and his actions.
tarquinnff3 Says:
These Are the Voyages: @tstarnes I totally agree. The Good That Men Do was one of the first ST books I read and I'm glad I did since it made the last episode of the show much less frustrating. Trip was a favorite in my family and the show really put a sour taste in our mouths. It was good to see them elaborate on the events leading up to and following the events of this final episode.
tstarnes Says:
These Are the Voyages: I know you aren't reading the books, but you really should read the good that men do. It completely changes this episode and improves it.
Alex Daily Says:
These Are the Voyages: This framing device is... inappropriate for a final-ever episode, but I think if this had been the finale of the fourth of a five-or-more season show, we'd all like it a lot more. (Five stars.)
tstarnes Says:
Damage: Alex, I feel like you and I watched different episodes :)
Waden34 Says:
Have Beagle, Will Travel: The Legend of Porthos: I don't understand how someone was willing to pay the author for this garbage...
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