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  Order: #195  


Star Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars Rating
In-Universe Date: 2261
Publish Date: January 26, 2010
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN: 0743482506
Pages: 305
Writer (s): S.D. Perry, Britta Dennison
Users Read: 4 Users Rated: 4
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Will You Take My Hand?
Star Trek (1989) #73
Star Trek (1989) #74
Enterprise: The First Adventure
Will You Take My Hand?...
Star Trek (1989) #73
Star Trek (1989) #74
Enterprise: The First...
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Carol Marcus' Martian terraforming experiment becomes a target for eco-terrorism, while she undergoes a crisis in her relationship with Commander Kirk.
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Carol Marcus
  Carol Marcus last appeared in Star Trek (1989) #73. Carol Marcus next appears in Star Trek (1989) #74.
  Commander James T. Kirk
  James T. Kirk last appeared in Star Trek (1989) #73. James T. Kirk next appears in Star Trek (1989) #74.
  Leila Kalomi
  Leila Kalomi next appears in This Side of Paradise.
  Lieutenant Commander Spock
  Spock last appeared in Child of Two Worlds. Spock next appears in Enterprise: The First Adventure.
Supporting Characters
  Aaron Thiel First Appearance
  This is Aaron Thiel's only appearance.
  Captain Christopher Pike
  Christopher Pike last appeared in A Private Anecdote. Christopher Pike next appears in Alien Spotlight: Orions.
  Yeoman J.M. Colt
  Yeoman J.M. Colt last appeared in Child of Two Worlds.
  Josh Swanson First Appearance
  This is Josh Swanson's only appearance.
  Karen Dupree First Appearance
  This is Karen Dupree's only appearance.
  Commander Number One
  Number One last appeared in Child of Two Worlds. Number One next appears in Captain to Captain.
  Phillip Boyce
  Phillip Boyce last appeared in Child of Two Worlds.
  Preston Sadler First Appearance
  This is Preston Sadler's only appearance.
  Richard Dachmes First Appearance
  This is Richard Dachmes's only appearance.
  Thadeus Kent First Appearance
  This is Thadeus Kent's only appearance.
Other Characters
  Alison Simhbib First Appearance
  This is Alison Simhbib's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Almanza First Appearance
  This is Almanza's only appearance.
  Alvin Repperton First Appearance
  This is Alvin Repperton's only appearance.
  Ben MacCready First Appearance
  This is Ben MacCready's only appearance.
  Don Byers First Appearance
  This is Don Byers's only appearance.
  Ensign Emily Rushe First Appearance
  This is Emily Rushe's only appearance.
  Eric First Appearance
  This is Eric's only appearance.
  Doc Evans First Appearance
  This is Doc Evans's only appearance.
  Gabriel First Appearance
  This is Gabriel's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Grathe First Appearance
  This is Grathe's only appearance.
  Janet Marshall First Appearance
  This is Janet Marshall's only appearance.
  John Carington First Appearance
  This is John Carington's only appearance.
  Merle First Appearance
  This is Merle's only appearance.
  Captain Olin First Appearance
  This is Olin's only appearance.
  Paul Marshall First Appearance
  This is Paul Marshall's only appearance.
  Sarah Roth First Appearance
  This is Sarah Roth's only appearance.
  Tamara Irwin First Appearance
  This is Tamara Irwin's only appearance.
  Tom Cady First Appearance
  This is Tom Cady's only appearance.
  Ensign Tom Christianson First Appearance
  This is Tom Christianson's only appearance.
  Troy Verne First Appearance
  This is Troy Verne's only appearance.
  Lieutenant Young (USS Aloia Crewman) First Appearance
  This is Young (USS Aloia Crewman)'s only appearance.
USS Aloia
This is USS Aloia's only appearance.
USS Enterprise
USS Enterprise last appeared in Will You Take My Hand?. USS Enterprise next appears in Enterprise.
USS Mizuki
This is USS Mizuki's only appearance.
Group Appearances
Kraden Interplanetary Research
This is Kraden Interplanetary Research's only appearance.
This is Redpeace's only appearance.
United Federation of Planets
United Federation of Planets last appeared in Star Trek (1989) #73. United Federation of Planets next appears in Enterprise.
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Issue Review
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Issue Synopsis
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